Downsizing & the Elderly

Downsizing for the elderly is my specialty.  My background includes many years of working with the elderly and this age group is especially near and dear to my heart.  As we age, everyday events or activities of daily living can become increasingly difficult.  Moving and downsizing can be particularly hard both physically and emotionally for the elderly.  I will work at your pace, so you are able to participate in the process as much as physically possible.  This may include working for only a few hours each day for several weeks.  

As the organizer, I will assist you with all aspects of your move to include organizing, decluttering, and the packing of your home.  Initially, I will provide a walk through of your home to provide you with a detailed list of what should be removed, repaired, and cleaned before listing your home for sale. 


On moving day I will be with you to provide any assistance needed to include last minute packing, communication with the movers, and furniture placement in your new home or assisted living facility.  

After your move, I will assist with the organization of your new home to include only one room or the entire house.  

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